Naira crashes to against dollar

Monday’s stoppage of foreign exchange sales to Bureau De Change operators by the Central Bank of Nigeria failed to lift the naira on Tuesday as the currency exchanged for 300 against the United States dollar in Kano, 290 in Lagos and 292 in Abuja. Financial experts said the naira would decline further, while private sector operators described the move as [...]

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Dwindling Economy: How pension funds can boost development by Fashola

POWER, Works and Housing Minister, Mr Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN), yesterday, decried the age-long lip service Nigerian governments had paid to diversification of the country’s economy from crude oil, noting that the mistake has caught up with Nigeria following the prevailing slump in crude oil prices. As much as the government would like to diversify, Fashola saw a challenge in [...]

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Investing in Shares

BENEFITS OF INVESTING IN SHARES DIVIDEND Investors normally receive annual dividend from the company invested in. BONUS SHARES Companies sometimes utilize part of their retained profit to issue bonus shares to their shareholders. This may be in addition to dividends CAPITAL APPRECIATION Gains often occur as the price of a stock rise above the purchase cost. An investor may therefore [...]

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